Program Manual

58mm Thermal Printer Program Manual.pdf Support 58mm thermal printers
76mm Impact Printer Program Manual.pdf Support 76mm impact dot-matrix printers
80mm Thermal Printer Program Manual.pdf Support 80mm thermal printers
Cashdrawer Program Manual.pdf For cash drawer programing
Kiosk Printer GP-310K Program Manual.pdf Support kiosk printer GP-310K series
QRCODE Program Manual.pdf For QRCODE printing programing
T series Barcode Printer.pdf Program Manual For T series Barcode Printer
Z Series Barcode Printer.pdf Program Manual For Z Series Barcode Printer


Auto Reprint Enable ethernet port auto connect function
AutoDisconnect Enable reprint while paper end function
Black Mark Enable black mark function
Code Page Change default code page
Emulation Change emulation type
Language Change Chinese simplified and traditional
NetConfig Search ethernet printer and change ethernet port specifications
NVLOGO Upload NVlogo
QRCODE Enable and disable Qrcode printing function
USB Mode Change USB mode
Gprinter.apk.apk Label Editing & Printing APP for Portrait Screen of Android System
GprinterHD.apk.apk Label editor and print APP for landscape screen of Android system
GpTools_V2.8.16(NEW).apk Printer setting tool for Android system
NiceLabel2017_DFR_04035 NiceLabel label editing software
NiceLabel2019 NiceLabel label editing software 2019
BarTender Gainscha Special Edition BarTender 2016 R9


Gprinter Android SDK Gprinter SDK for Android system
IOS SDK Gprinter SDK for IOS system

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